Some making off´s

It has been a while since I posted something...here is some of my work in progress.


Funcional and design

Handle of red mallee burl, blade of inox steel, with curl at the end.

Decorated kitchen knife


Serving knifes

Inox steel handforged knifes of cocobolo and rosewood handles combined with ebany.


Kitchen knifes

Forged out of inox steel with a decoracion on the back of the blade and a handle of 3 kinds of tropical woods.


Chef knife

Chef knife made of inox with a handle of
exotic woods with a huge chiastolite.


Shark knife

A sharkfin design in the inox steel blade and two shark teeth on each side of the ebony handle.

Red mallee burl handle

Kitchen knife with a handle of a red mallee burl.

Cheese knife

Ebony wood and inox steel.

Kitchen knife

Handle of olive wood and inox blade of one piece.

Table knife

Knife with blade of inox steel with several woods and a chiastolite. Fine for cutting meat from the bbq and cut it on the table.

Knife with decoration on the back

Inox steel and cocobolo wood.

Chiastolite knife

Small knife of inox steel with handle of chiastolite stone and eucalipto burl.

A knife block

A set of 6 medium knifes of inox. The handles are made of several kinds of wood.


Knife with handle of several woods

Inox blade with a full lenght decoracion on the back of the blade with a handle of ebany with several tropical woods of different colours.


Knife with decorated handle

Inox steel, with handle of ebany and pink marmor wood with boars bone incrustations and shellac fillings.

Knife with original blade

Knife made of inox steel with a handle of cocobolo with ebany.


Very thin blade

Great to cut fillets with it, flexible, long and thin blade. Handle of 3 kinds of australian wood.

Knife with mulga handle

A knife of one piece with 2 parts of mulga wood, disigned so you can hang it somewhere in the kitchen.


Long kitchen knife

From inox steel of one piece with curl at the end with handle of red mallee burl.


Fantasy knife

A fantasy knife made of inox steel with a handle of violeta and boj with at the end a tooth of a boar.

Knife block

A knife block of several inox knifes.


All round knife

Knife made out of carbon steel of a cars' spring with some decoration on the back handle of cocobolo wood.

Handmade hunting knife

Made of carbon steel of a suspension spring with handle palo violeta and tejo.
Sheath also available if wanted

Pink knife

Inox blade handle of pink ivory and ebony

A little knife

A small knife from inox with a handle of pink ivory wood with ebony and kiastolite stone and a wooden sheath of brezo.

Kitchen knife

A knife with a blade of inox in a triangle form. Woods used : palo violeta and brezo

Knife out of one piece

Made from carbon steel out of a spring suspension.


Arabic style knife

Blade of inox with handle of 3 kinds of wood , forged inox steel and forged iron.

Decorated blade

Medium knife with a decoration on the back of the blade.

Dragon knife

Inox steel blade and handle of forged iron.


Alaska Ulu knife

The all round knife for the eskimos from Alaska. In the kitchen good for cutting herbs comes with a bowl or a stander.

Cheese knifes

Ham slicer

Very long and thin blade to slice transparent Parma ham.

Tiny knife with leather sheath

Tiny knife of inox with a handle of olive wood and chiastolite stone with sheath

Sheaths for all kind of knifes

Leather sheath for hunting knife with an emboss for decoration.

Celt knife

An inox knife made out of one piece.
I use mine every day in the kitchen, they are more handy then they appear.

Big kitchen knifes

Very thin and large blade (4 cm) very usefull for daily use in the kitchen to chop or cut vegetables.
Made of inox steel and the grip of wood (native and/or imported).